The trigger on the 50 that I have, felt like it was 20lbs or more. I mentioned this to Dennis when the gun was purchased. I was told that he made them like that for liability and not to mess with it. I can truly say that it had the worst trigger that I have ever shot.

So what's  to  do... being that I do some gunsmithing work and also a machinist by trade ,disassembly and inspection were in order and here is what I found in the gun. The trigger is dead simple, just a sear arm and a spring and a very strong spring at that.

So here is what to do... Only do this if you are confident in your skill and have some measure of patients. I took out my pin punch set and taped out the trigger pin and the trigger and the spring fell out. I took some 600 grit paper and a rigid block and polished the sear face to a shine, It also needed squaring up. Next I found that the trigger boss was rubbing on the sides of the trigger causing alot of drag. I used the dremil tool and a sanding disc to open up and clean out the hole.

You really need to be real careful here or you could ruin the boss!!  Take it real slow and test the trigger in the boss until it is smooth with almost no side play.  Next was the spring,  The first thing done was to remove one coil from the spring and reassembly the gun and shoot. It was a lot better and just needed a little more ,so 1/2 of a coil was taken off and the trigger reassembled and test fired again.

The feel was real good but another 1/2 coil was removed and the spring polished and lubed. Also the hammer was polished and the face was chamfered and the flat was polished also. When reassembling all parts were mollied except for the sear face and hammer face.

The gun now has a very nice 3lb to 4lb trigger that is smooth and the trigger no longer has to be pulled in order to cock the action. I never liked that feature anyway, I know it is for safety but when a deer or a hog comes into range I just want to cock and shoot. Holding the trigger and pulling the hammer back  was just  too  fiddly for me. 

It really made the gun much more pleasant to shoot and more accurate. No longer having to squeeze so hard and being able predict when the gun will go off made the groups really tighten up. I was getting three shot groups at 50 yds that all touched and that isn't bad in my book.

I hope this helps some of you get a little more out of your guns and if I can help just let me know. If their is interest I may do some trigger tunes for a small fee.