The .308 Quackenbush Outlaw has become my primary rifle for hunting purposes. Accuracy from a rest is 0.5" typical at 50 yards with groups ranging from 75" to 0.4". At 100 yards the gun can regularly produce 1.5" groups using properly cast and sized bullets and is a real brick smasher even at that distance. There is much energy to spare with this gun and it is certainly not for the kids to use. The gun out of the box will shoot approximately 230 ft/lbs and will achieve 4 - 5 useable shots. Nine high power (~ 200 fpe) shots can be achieved by trimming the hammer spring effectively reducing muzzle energy and air consumption. A velocity bell curve can be produced beginning at 816 fps to 870 fps then back to 816 over a 9 shot string using 128 grain M1 carbine bullets cast in pure lead. It is approximately 9 pounds and fairly front heavy therefore muzzle flip is minimal when shooting off hand. This gun takes well to the traditional spring air rifle hold and recoils consistantly. Loading port is spacious, 1", and well located. Also, fill probe with rotating dust cover, single screw stock removal, tool-less spring/hammer tube access, REAL bolt assembly and threaded muzzle compliment this serious hunters' rifle nicely. In my opinion they dont get any better than this and at under $500.00 I'll bet you would agree