RULES for LASSO competitors


  1. Must use air provided by LASSO.  HPA only(CO2 exempt)

  2. All guns must be racked at beginning of competition. re-sight in is not allowed. (You don't get a chance to do it in the field when hunting. know your aim points!) All racked guns must be unloaded!

  3. You will have 30 seconds to take 2 shots. You will be allowed to range find the target before the timer starts.

  4. You are allowed to use *cross sticks, Bi-pod, tri-pod, or small daypack to use as a rest. Day pack must be worn until timer starts. No bench shooting.

  5. No FT type aids are allowed. (large cushion, harness, vest, special gloves, etc...) a small foam pad is ok. 

  6. There is a 10 lb gun weight limit which includes ALL ATTACHED accessories. 

  7. You may only load your gun when you are at the firing line. LOADED GUNS MUST BE POINTED DOWN RANGE AT ALL TIMES!

  8. Your gun must be unhooked from your tank. You WILL be able to refill between Targets.

  9. Use of a spotter is not allowed.

  10. You may use any shooting position. Whatever is most accurate.

  11. The firing line must be clear of any shooting accessories before the timer starts.

  12. Judges decision is final. 

*cross-Sticks - Cross-stick rests may be any length, but are limited to 1" x 2" in thickness and width, or 1 1/2 in diameter. The sticks must be hinged by bolt so they can pivot. Spikes are limited to 3". One layer of padding is allowed on the sticks.