Air Hoggin' in Texas


 Air Hoggin' in Texas is the second hunting video that Eric Henderson has produced. He sent me a copy of the DVD for review, and I can say right at the top that I really enjoyed viewing it.

 The DVD chronicles the adventures of Eric, Jim Chapman, and Randy Albin while hunting wild hogs in Texas. The video is divided into two sections: the first is wild pig hunting at Lone Star Hunts, a 250-acre hunting ranch located 11 miles north of Henrietta Texas. The second section covers hunting at Camp Cooley Ranch an 11,000 acre hunting reserve near Franklin, Texas, which features wild pigs and exotic game animals such as wildebeest. Other minor sections of the video are devoted to credits, sponsors (which include TigerSharp Knives and Hunting Supply, a company that casts bullets), and Gun Tech which covers some of the history and technology of big bore airguns.

 What I liked about this video is that it gave me a really good feel for what it is like to track, spot, stalk, and ultimately harvest one of these wild hogs in thick Texas brush. You are right there at the shoulder of the hunters as they pursue their quarry, and it is clearly a tough game. The brush is thick and often difficult to navigate through; there is sometimes gumbo mud underfoot, and it is just plain difficult many times to spot these wild hogs. For the most part, the camera work is good (there is one scene that is murky due to incorrect camera settings) and the production values are good as well.

 The air weapons used in the video include several Quackenbush rifles, a Quackenbush pistol, and a Big Bore Bob titanium air muzzle loader. Randy Albin even manages to clobber one pig with a Quackenbush rifle fitted with a peep sight (man after my own heart!).

 If you are looking for a video on the correct procedures for hunting hogs in Texas or a treatise on big bore airguns, this video is not intended to be a comprehensive guide to either, although you will learn something about both. But if you want to know what it like to hunt hogs in thick Texas brush, this video will make you feel like you were invited along on the hunts.

Jock Elliott
Airgun writer,
correspondent, Precision Shooting Magazine