Ballistic testing 101

at Hunters Supply

 Big Bore Bob modified DAQ .495 penetration test

We set up a bench inside the shop 30 yards from the target. The target was wet newspaper that was left to soak overnight. It acts more like an animal body than ballistic gel. The paper was stacked about 3 feet deep in a special crate made for this test.


The hole on the left was made by a Hornaday 385 grn soft lead hollow point bullet. Notice the entry channel is smaller than the hole on the right which was made by a Hunters Supply 320 grn hard cast flat point bullet. The hard lead flat point makes a bigger entry wound channel which causes more initial shock to the animal and ensures the skin doesn't close up the hole, stopping the blood.



Here, JR is searching for the bullets by following the wound channel thru the newspaper. The hard lead 320 grn went 25.5 inches deep into the paper while the soft lead 385 grn hollowpoint went only 15.75 inches. The hard lead did not deform at all.




BUT, here's the clincher. The soft lead hollow point mushroomed out flat, causing a bigger wound channel AFTER entry thus slowing the  penetration. This paper was taken out at the one foot mark. The hole in the paper on the left (hard cast) is smaller than the hole on the right (soft lead mushroomed hollow point).


Hard cast makes a bigger entry and has more penetration.

Soft lead hollow point makes a bigger wound channel