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Krooked River Ranch Pig Hunt Nov 2-4 2002

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This sow pig was taken right at dark. It weighed in at around 130 lbs. I shot it behind the ear with a 245 grain slug loaded backwards in my .50 cal Quackenbush. It dropped like a sack of rocks. The last picture is the slug retrieved from the neck.

San Antonio axis deer hunt

Kyle Tate took this awesome axis buck while hunting in San Antonio. He used the130 grain Pelletman hollow point in his father's (Terry Tate) Quackenbush .308. The deer's antlers measured  30''x30''


San Antonio axis deer hunt

I took my first axis deer with my .50 cal Quackenbush on Dec. 30, 2002. In the second picture you can see the entrance hole the 277 grain "pellet" made at 50 yards. In the third picture you can see the bulge of the "pellet" just under the skin in the center of the image. The "pellet" broke a rib on entrance almost came out the other side. The fourth pic compares the retrieved "pellet"  to a new one. The final pic is for your enjoyment. The close feeder is at 97 yards.    


central Texas pig hunt

I was in central Texas on a varmint hunt when this 160 lb pig came out of the bushes at 25 yds. It took a 130 grain pellet between the eyes before it dropped. Man these critters are good eaten!


east Texas coyote roundup

This is Terry Tate with a couple yotes he shot near his home with his Quackenbush .308 using 130 grn rn pellets. One yote was shot at a distance of 130 yds passing clean thru him behind the shoulder at went only 20 yds before he fell. The second was taken at 60 yards and was shot thru both shoulders which dropped him instantly.


Kansas Yote hunt

I went deer hunting with a friend of mine in Kansas and while I was there I did some coyote calling. The first yote was shot from 5 yards with the .50 cal Bandito, and the second was shot from 12 yards with the .308. Both yotes were called in using Tweety from Verminator.


West Texas yote hunt

These 2 yote were shot at night using the Bandito.


Deer hunt coyote

While I was bow hunting for deer, I had this yote walk thru the area. I picked up my Bandito and set down my bow. He was put down from 20 yds.


100 lb boar

I shot this pig while hunting from a tree stand overlooking a pig trail. The 119 grn pellet went in his forehead and dropped him instantly. I was using my 20" barrel .308.


The Elk Hunt

I shot this elk from a distance of  70 yards with the DAQ  .458 mag. The Axis was shot from 75 yards with the same gun. I was using the 370 grn pointed bullet shot at 738 fps.


Lone Star Hunts Ram Hunt

This hunt was awesome! We (Mark Bolson and I) stalked the ram from 200 yards to 32 yards. It dropped instantly with a shot behind the shoulder using a 140 grain spitzer out of my .308 . The hog took a shot to the head from 40 yards with a 412 grain hp shot from the .458 mag. He weighed in at 100lbs.


Lone Star Hunts pig hunt

Randy Mitchell and I took these big pigs with his DAQ .50 and Bob Dean's 20mm at Lone Star Hunts


Camp Cooley pig hunt

Randy Albin shot the 40 lb pig with his DAQ .308 Exile from 20 yards with open sights using a 83 grain pellet. He was shooting offhand. Our guide Ryan is in the back. I shot the 200 lb sow with my DAQ .308 pistol using 83 grain pellets from 15 yards off hand. The 100+ lb sow was shot from the truck with night vision on the DAQ .50 Bandit from 30 yards.


The Wildlife Ranch Inc. ram hunt

My guide Nancy and I with my silver medal Corsican ram I shot with my DAQ .308  long gun from a distance of 90 yards using a 119 grain pellet. It went 20 yards and fell dead. Second pic is with Jim Chapman with his New Zealand mntn. goat and Derek Goins with his Mouflon/Black Hawaiian.  Jim used my .308 at 30+ yards and Derek used my .50 at 60 yards. Both shot offhand .


Buffalo hunt in Wyoming

James Rivera in Wy. wanted to kill a buffalo with an airgun. So I took Bob Dean's 20mm up to him and I also videoed the hunt. From 30 yards, the 1005 grn. bullet went through ribs on both sides and stuck under the skin on the opposite side. The day before I left, we headed out and shot some prairie dogs with the .308.


 Took my step dad pig hunting

John Bennett shot this 200lb sow from 45 yards with my .308 using the 119 grn pellets. It was hit in the spine and was finished off with a shot to the head. Mighty fine shooting even though it was so dark.



Keith Warren video pig hunt at Lone star Hunts

This pig hunt was videoed for Keith Warrens pig hunting video. I was using my .50 DAQ shooting the 390 grn hollow base bullets turned backwards. Head shots on a sow and Boar.


Lone Star hunts/Airgun Forum pig hunt

first pic: Four of us got together for and "after Little Rock" pig hunt. Dennis Skinner shot this nice 110# sow from about ten yards with his DAQ .50 shooting roundball.

Second pic: Dennis Skinner, Dan Hurd, Nick with his small sow shot with his DAQ .308 (head shot) from 10 yards.