Last edited   11/14/2005

DAQ .457 Magnum  32" barrel 615 fpe

formerly .495 cal

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This gun started out as a .495 6 shot 240 fpe "plinker". It slowly transformed into a .457 powerhouse by way of Big Bore Bob's "UberMagnum" tuning modification. It also sports a 32" .457 Quackenbush barrel. The breech has been elongated to accept the long 630 grn Hunters Supply hard cast bullet. The camo paint job was done by me with several layers of camo spray paint and a matte clear coat. This gun is intended for long range targets and big game at long ranges.


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pic left to right: 630 grn, 500 grn (soft lead), 433grn, .22 Kodiak

(as of Oct. 25, 2005)

The 615 grn is doing 663 fps = 615 fpe

The 500 grn is doing 733 fps = 585 fpe

The 433grn is doing 750 fps = 540 fpe


Target pic with the 630 grn hard lead Hunters Supply bullet

the point of aim on the 65 yrd shots was bottom of paper.